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Why Summer Is the Best Time To Remodel Your Wisconsin Home

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As the golden rays of summer shine on Elm Grove and the Greater Milwaukee area, homeowners often consider making updates to their living spaces.

While summer might bring about vacation plans and outdoor activities, it’s also an ideal time to embark on home remodeling projects. Here are a few compelling reasons summer is the best time to remodel your Wisconsin home with S. J. Janis Company Inc.

Longer Days, More Work Done

Summer graces us with extended daylight hours, offering more time for construction and remodeling work. This naturally leads to quicker project completion, allowing homeowners to enjoy their remodeled spaces sooner. 

The longer sunlight duration also means work can start earlier and extend into the evening, allowing for a more flexible remodeling schedule tailored to the homeowner’s convenience.

Better Weather Conditions

Wisconsin summers are typically warm and dry, making it conducive for various remodeling tasks. Unlike the unpredictable spring conditions or the icy challenges of winter, summer provides a relatively stable environment, reducing the chances of weather-related delays or complications. 

It’s worth noting that the stability of the summer climate allows for uninterrupted workflows. No more worrying about surprise rain showers ruining freshly laid materials or sudden cold snaps affecting installation processes. All these factors make summer the most reliable season for home transformations.

Ventilation & Indoor Air Quality

Large conservatory room addition. Features include tall ceilings, walls of windows, and ornate furniture.

Remodeling projects, especially extensive ones, can produce dust and fumes. With the pleasant summer weather, keeping windows and doors open is easier, ensuring better ventilation. This helps dissipate any unpleasant odors and maintains better indoor air quality. 

An open and airy environment benefits not just the workers but also the homeowners. Proper ventilation ensures that any potential health hazards from dust or chemicals are kept at bay. Plus, with fresh summer breezes wafting through, the newly remodeled spaces are infused with a refreshing ambiance right from the start.

Scheduling Ease

Given that summer is often a quieter time for remodeling companies like S.J. Janis, homeowners might find it easier to get a schedule that suits their preferences. 

Plus, with kids being home, families can plan a vacation or a staycation, avoiding the hustle and dust of the remodeling process. Imagine leaving behind the familiar setting of your home and returning to a space that feels brand new and tailored just for you.

Outdoor Projects Thrive

Large sunroom addition built onto the back of a home, surrounded by large patio and trees.

Summer is undeniably the best time if your remodeling plans include outdoor spaces like patios, decks, or landscaping. The warm weather ensures that paint dries faster, concrete sets well, and plants get the optimal conditions to grow.

Summer’s extended daylight also allows for a better assessment of how the sunlight plays across your outdoor spaces, helping in designing shadows and sunny spots precisely. 

Plus, materials used in outdoor remodeling, like certain woods or plants, do better when they’re set during the summer, ensuring longevity and durability for your outdoor oasis.

Unearth Hidden Issues

Summer is an excellent time to identify and address hidden problems. The dry season can reveal water damage or leaks that might have occurred during the wetter months, giving homeowners the advantage of proactive repairs.


Catching these issues during summer ensures there’s ample time to tackle them head-on without the pressure of impending winter or heavy rains. This proactive approach protects the integrity of your home and saves you money on potential repair costs in the long run, making your remodel a wise investment.

Choose S.J. Janis for Your Summer Remodel

As the season unfolds, consider giving your home the transformation it deserves. And when you decide to remodel, it’s essential to partner with a team that stands by quality, expertise, and trust.

With over 70 years of transforming homes, the S.J. Janis team offers unmatched services with exceptional work and outstanding customer service. Our legacy, marked by
over 115 awards, is a testament to our commitment to turning your home into a work of art

Every remodel with S.J. Janis begins with a comprehensive, free consultation. Our design, build, and remodel approach ensures that you have expert guidance every step of the way, from the first blueprint sketch to the final touches. Why wait? Embrace the spirit of summer, and let’s embark on this transformational remodel together. 

Choose S.J. Janis for a summer remodel of your Wisconsin home. Call (414) 259-0300 to schedule your remodel consultation today.