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Project Design Begins with Communication

S.J. Janis Company is proud to offer outstanding home remodeling design services by a talented team, using a variety of resources to create the desired space. We are honored to have a licensed architect, designers with masters/bachelor in architecture, and interior designers with 3D CAD/ rendering expertise.

Joe Klein, Director of Design at S.J. Janis Company, said his main role is to solve client problems based on the type of remodeling project they’re looking to complete. “At the initial meeting, we ask many questions of and obtain information from the client regarding why the space that is looking to be remodeled isn’t working, what are the homeowners trying to achieve, what problems are trying to be solved, what are they looking to create, style preferences, and more,” he said.

“Our role is to help clients visualize their new spaces, becoming familiar with their home and lifestyle,” said Sarah Nelson, Designer. “The design process is collaborative, as we welcome clients to provide inspiration pictures and preferences. We seek to inspire and help bring ideas and a vision to life.”

After obtaining client responses to their questions, S.J. Janis designers prepare preliminary design options in a CAD based program that produces realistic renderings. “The renderings are presented to the clients to get feedback on what they like and don’t like,” Joe said. “Typically, portions of one design are combined with another to create the next design, this time with more details being indicated regarding specific products to be included.”

“Once we have a direction on the space planning, we can progress into selection of materials, including tile, countertops, paint, cabinetry, plumbing fixtures, lighting, and hardware,” Sarah said. She creates digital “Mood Boards” that combine the proposed finishes, allowing clients to see the big picture and how selections can influence the overall feel and outcome of the design.

“From here, a final design is prepared with finishing details indicated,” Joe said. “Once that design is approved, usually with minor modifications, we can begin to develop the production schedule and start ordering materials.”

“Our goal is to make remodeling enjoyable for everyone involved,” Sarah said. “Let’s work together on your future remodeling project!”

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