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S.J. Janis Makes The Top 60 National Remodelers For Customer Satisfaction

In July 2015, the S.J. Janis Company made the top 60 list of national remodelers for customer satisfaction in Qualified Remodeler Magazine. This past issue, GuildQuality worked with Qualified Remodeler to identify the 60 top remodelers nationwide and have them share their incredibly high recommendation rates and tips for what works. Since 2003, Atlanta-based GuildQuality has been conducting customer service surveys for remodelers and builders. They have used their software as a solution application to survey over 1.2 million homeowners.

The only effective way known to track customer satisfaction is through regular surveys of past clients. GuildQuality states that this is important because other studies have shown that most clients don’t tell you that they are unhappy. For every compliment received there are about 26 customers who don’t speak up. This is why it is important for a remodeler to closely monitor their clients satisfaction. “We are delighted to have so many amazing clients in the Metro-Milwaukee area that give us the honest feedback we need to remain successful,” said Gary Sannes, president of S.J. Janis Company. Click here to read the full article

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