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Home Gym Design Features

Home Gym Design Features

For those that want to exercise in the comfort of their own home, creating an area that meets your needs is possible when following basic design tenants for this type of space.

Casey Carney, Design Consultant with S.J. Janis Company, offers input on what homeowners should do when considering a home gym. The initial step is to design the space first, including the equipment that you have in mind for the area. “If you are planning to build walls and enclose the room, you need to make sure the equipment will fit through the door and you have enough space to work out,” he said. “Too much equipment in not enough space won’t allow you to exercise comfortably.”

Regardless of where in the home the gym will be placed, keeping ceiling heights in mind is paramount. “Basements are popular area for home gyms, but with older homes, ceiling heights can be shorter,” Casey said. “If you plan on using a treadmill or elliptical, you want to make sure your head won’t be hitting the ceiling.”

Home Gym Design Features

When it comes to ventilation, make sure there is adequate air flow throughout the space. “No one wants their gym to actually smell like stale, sweaty body odor, which may spread to other areas of the home,” he said. “Wall hung fans are a great way to save floor space and keep your ceiling clean.”

Be cognizant of not including too many mirrors. “Although it may be nice to watch your progress and make sure your technique is correct, mirrors need to be cleaned and can break very easily if any type of weight gets dropped against them,” Casey said. “A single wall of floor to ceiling mirrors is recommended.”

When it comes to flooring, go with a product that is less expensive and easy to maintain. “Rubber interlocking mats are a great solution for home gyms, as they are easy to install and keep clean,” he said.

Lastly, to create a space that you will regularly use, it is important that quality equipment is purchased. “Make sure you do research on the equipment before you buy. Even rubber coated plates can save you from a pinched finger and are less likely to break,” Casey said. “Include weight racks, as they will save your back from constantly bending over and picking dumbbells off the floor.”

For more information on creating a home gym, contact the S.J. Janis Company at (414) 259-0300.