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S.J. Janis Company Hires New Design Consultant

Jessica Kern Hired as S.J. Janis Design Consultant in November

Design Consultant - S.J. Janis Company

Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, November 23, 2015 – Jessica Kern joined the S.J. Janis Company as a Design Consultant in November of 2015. Her role is to assist clients in developing unique design concepts & help in visualizing the potential for a home’s renovation.

“I will meet with you to create a resolution that fits your character & provides a necessary function to your residence within your budget. Together we can create a well-engineered space that adds value to both your life & your home. I started my career in design when I drew up the plans to my dream treehouse with my Dad in the backyard when I was 6 years old. Following my creative passion lead me to UW Stevens Point where I participated in art, architecture & design study tours in both Great Britain & Italy, graduating with a BFA degree in Interior Architecture. I then followed my roots back to Milwaukee where I pursued a commercial design career in the Healthcare & Senior Living industry renovating locations all across the nation, primarily on the East Coast. After several years, I decided to switch gears & was pleasantly surprised when the position at S.J. Janis became available. I jumped at the opportunity to work for a local residential design-build firm with an outstanding reputation & look forward to continuing my journey in design,” said Jessica.

Jessica’s position will help S.J. Janis manage the increase in remodeling demand for 2016 and beyond. “We are glad to have Jessica join our team and help make even more clients happy into 2016. Home additions and kitchens are very popular now and we want to make sure our level of service stays high while meeting and exceeding our sales goals,” said Gary Sannes, S.J. Janis President.